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Where To Find Brewer’s Yeast

Which Grocery Store Aisle Is Brewers Yeast In

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Unfortunately, youre not likely to find true live brewers yeast in most grocery stores. If you do find brewers yeast in the grocery store, its more likely to be dead dehydrated yeast that is useful as a health supplement, but not for actually brewing anything. You can find this type of brewers yeast in the natural foods or vitamin/supplements aisles.

The reason why youre not likely to find live brewers yeast in a grocery store is that it has a really specific use: brewing beer. As such, the best stores to find real brewers yeast in are brewer supply stores.

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Can I Substitute Instant Yeast For Brewers Yeast

Yes, you can substitute instant yeast for brewers yeast. Instant yeast is dried, so it may need to be reconstituted before cooking or baking with it.

To do this, moisten the dry yeast in the amount of water recommended on your package of yeast. After it dissolves, allow the mixture to sit for 15 minutes before you continue your recipe.

Is There Another Name For Brewers Yeast

You will always find brewers yeast in the grocery store labeled as brewers yeast. Dont be confused with the other types of yeast nearby.

While brewers yeast, bakers yeast , and nutritional yeast are all made from the same strand of yeast, saccharomyces cerevisiae, they are not all the same product. Well dive into the differences below.

It is also important not to confuse the active beer yeast you would use to brew your own beer at home with the deactivated brewers yeast. While ale yeast or lager yeast is also a form of saccharomyces cerevisiae, you wouldnt want to take the live version as a health supplement.

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What Are The Side Effects Of Brewers Yeast

You should speak with your healthcare provider before taking brewers yeast. Supplements such as brewers yeast can interact with certain medications.

The side effects of brewers yeast are generally mild. The most common side effects are excess gas, bloating, and migraine-like headaches.

Stop taking brewers yeast and contact your healthcare provider immediately if you experience chest pain, throat or chest tightness, or difficulty breathing. These side effects may indicate an allergic reaction to brewers yeast.

Brewers yeast is a source of B vitamins but it does not contain B12. Inadequate amounts of B12 can cause anemia, so its important to make sure you have sources of B12 in your diet.

Helps To Reduce Diabetes

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Different studies show that brewers yeast helps to reduce diabetes because it contains a glucose tolerance factor that helps to increase the insulin response in humans suffering from diabetes. The glucose tolerance factor is believed to reduce blood sugar levels as well as cholesterol levels in people suffering from type 2 diabetes. This ultimately helps to reduce diabetes in their bodies. Therefore you can always try taking brewers yeast as a remedy for diabetes although research is still underway to determine its effectiveness.

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Different Uses Where Can I Buy Brewers Yeast

There are arguably two reasons you would want to get your hands on some brewers yeast. The first is as alternative medicine, and the second is for food uses.

Now, while brewers yeast does have beneficial nutrients and potential health benefits, always consult your doctor before using it as a supplement or medicine.

Can I Buy Something Similar Cheaper Elsewhere

One of the most common questions that a lot of customers ask is, Can I buy something similar cheaper elsewhere? The short answer is no. When you are looking for a quality brewers yeast, the most important thing to know is that cheap is not always better. You should carefully research the best brewers yeast before buying and consult the prices on some online sales websites to make the best decision.

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Final Thoughts Where To Buy Brewers Yeast

Brewers yeast is the fungus saccharomyces cerevisiae, which is a good health supplement that many people use. It comes in two forms: powdered and tablets.

If you want to find brewers yeast for the purposes of nutrition, then a supplement store will do.

Its also used in brewing beer and baking bread.

Its vital to note that if you want to find brewers yeast for the purposes of brewing beer, then you should shop at your local brewers supply store.

If you want to find brewers yeast for the purposes of baking bread, then your local grocery store will do.

So there you have it everything you need to know about brewers yeast. Where to find brewers yeast, what the differences are, and what exactly it is.

We hope that you enjoyed this article!

What Stores Sell Brewers Yeast

Nutritional Yeast vs. Brewers Yeast Dr. Berg

Amazon at Amazon it is highly unlikely that you will find brewers yeast for making beer but you can find the supplementary versions like brewers yeast powder which you can take for nutritional purposes.

Walmart you can find brewers yeast at Walmart but this is the one used for nutritional purposes. If there is no Walmart store in your area simply use the online store locater to find the nearest grocery store in your area that has brewers yeast.

Kroger there are different brands of brewers yeast found at Kroger they are most likely to be supplemental or denatured yeast. You can always check their online store to see which brands are available.

The vitamin shoppe you are most likely to find the Solgar brand of brewers yeast and it is used for nutritional purposes and not necessarily brewing beer.

Local health store you can find brewers yeast that is used for nutritional purposes not the one used for brewing beer.

Local brewers supply store if there is a local brewers supply store in your area then there is a high chance that you will find the original brewers yeast that you can use when making beer.

Target you can find brewers yeast at Target.

Wegmans brewers yeast can also be found at Wegmans that is if there is a nearby store.

Whole foods you can find brewers yeast at Whole foods. They usually have different brands available.

GNC you can buy brewers yeast at GNC but it will be a health supplement not the one for brewing beer.

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What Is The Return Policy

Return policy is the most important thing to consider regarding the best brewers yeast from a manufacturer. If youre unsatisfied or something goes wrong with your purchase, youll want to know that you have some way to go about it. Additionally, weve compiled a list of highly reputable brands based on their return policies and customer service to help people find and choose the best brewers yeast.

Beer Yeast And Baker’s Yeast

Brewer’s yeast is available in drugstores and health food stores. Beer yeast is usually only found in businesses that sell beer-brewing supplies.

Even so, beer yeast is often labeled as “brewing yeast.” Unlike brewer’s yeast, it is still active and can be bloomed to give beer its yeasty taste and fizzy carbonation.

The same applies to the term “baker’s yeast”sometimes it’s used for brewer’s yeast while others use it means active dry yeasts used to make bread rise.

Because the names can be confusing, store your brewer’s yeast with your vitamins and medicine rather than in the pantry or spice cabinet. If you’re not sure about a product’s intended use, read the label or ask someone at the store.

If you consume beer yeast or active dry yeast instead of brewer’s yeast, call your healthcare provider right away. It may cause digestion problems as the yeast cells start to grow and produce gas.

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What Does Beer Yeast Look Like

  • Brewers yeast is a yellow-brown color and looks like a small grain or flake.
  • Active beer yeastlike a lager yeast or an ale yeastalso looks similar to a grain.
  • Nutritional yeast is a yellow flake.

Luckily, you shouldnt have to work too hard to tell them apart at the grocery store. Brewers yeast will be labeled as such and is often packaged in a pouch with a zip-top, a canister, or as capsules in a pill bottle.

Which Section Or Aisle To Find Brewers Yeast In Grocery Store

Spring Valley Brewers Yeast 250 TABLETS

NB: the brewers yeast found at grocery stores is a nutritional supplement and is not suitable for cooking or brewing anything.

The first place where you can find brewers yeast in grocery store is the health food or organic section. This is because the brewers yeast sold in grocery stores is a health supplement. Some stores actually place it next to other health supplements so that people do not get confused.

However, if you want to find the original brewers yeast then the best option would be visiting your local brewer supply stores.

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Where Can I Buy Brewers Yeast

The most asked question online is whether or not you can buy brewers yeast from your local grocery store?

The short answer is yes. You can buy brewers yeast at a grocery store, however, not all of them may keep tons of stick on hand. You can have a look at the baking aisle or the health foods aisle. But, if you cannot seem to find any, dont hesitate to ask the front desk for some assistance.

You can also try your local health shop if you cannot seem to find it at a grocery store. Even some drug stores stock this product!

Where To Buy Brewers Yeast

The first place to check for brewers yeast is at your local grocery store. It is uncommon to find baking brewers yeast in smaller stores, but it isnt impossible. If not, dont worry. There are plenty of other places you can shop for brewers yeast.

  • Online Online marketplaces like have brewers yeast available in all shapes and sizes. When shopping online, it might be best to buy in bulk so you wont have to worry about this dilemma in the future.
  • Big box stores If your small local grocery store doesnt carry brewers yeast, you can always branch out into the big box stores like Walmart or Kroger. These stores have almost anything you can imagine, brewers yeast included.
  • Health stores Health stores, such as the Vitamin Shoppe, may have brewers yeast. It may be under a different name, though, so double-check with the clerk if you have the right product.
  • Brewing stores These might not be around your area. But if they are, dont hesitate to check and see if they have baking brewers yeast in stock. Its worth a shot!

Keep in mind that most stores will only have brewers yeast as a nutritional supplement rather than a baking yeast. That said, be extra careful when shopping and seek out baking brewers yeast rather than a supplement.

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How Does Brewers Yeast Work

As we have already mentioned, this yeast is a strain produced during the beer-brewing process. But, what is it that you buy then? And, is there a powdered form of the product?

The actual product that you buy consists of deactivated dried yeast cells. This means that they will remain inactive until you activate them again. This technique is used to help preserve the shelf life of the yeast cells and prevent them from dying when they arent being used.

Luckily, reactivating them is pretty easy and you just have to add some warm liquid to them. The liquid helps re-hydrate them and the warmth helps them become active again.

Is Brewers Yeast The Same As Nutritional Yeast

Kveik Yeast Explained Easy Guide for Beer Brewers

Nutritional yeast, a popular food supplement and cheese alternative for the vegan community, can often be found next to brewers yeast, so you may be wondering if they are interchangeable. Short answer: theyre not.

Brewers yeast is not the same as nutritional yeast, but they are fairly similar. We already know they both come from saccharomyces cerevisiae, so both brewers yeast and nutritional yeast are high in B vitamins and rich in amino acids . But heres how they differ:

  • B12: Nutritional yeast is almost always fortified with B12, an important vitamin you cannot get without animal products in your diet. This is why vegans supplement with nutritional yeast. Brewers yeast isnt typically fortified with B12.
  • Chromium: Brewers yeast is high in chromium, an essential mineral that has been shown to potentially balance blood sugar and lower bad cholesterol. Nutritional yeast is not high in chromium.
  • Taste: These yeasts taste differently. Brewers yeast is bitter and nutritional yeast has a cheesy flavor.

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Can You Use Active Dry Yeast To Make Beer

Yes, you can use active dry yeast to make beer. Yeast is essential for the fermentation of sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide, which gives beer its bubbles.

Active dry yeast consists of dried yeast that has been dehydrated with very low moisture content so that it remains stable during storage, packaging, and shipping.

It is considered safe for human consumption and has a shelf life of 2-3 years even when unopened. When mixed with water or other liquids, it becomes active again and becomes suitable for fermentation.

Brewers Yeast: The Key To Great Bee

Brewers yeast is a type of yeast that is used in brewing. Because of its ability to produce large quantities of carbon dioxide and alcohol, it is frequently used in baking. Breadmaking is made with active dry yeast, a type of yeast not found in Brewers yeast. When active dry yeast is consumed, it produces a lot of carbon dioxide and very few alcoholic beverages. Brewers yeast is necessary for the production of high-quality alcohol, and it plays an important role in beer production.

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Does All Yeast Make Alcohol

Alcohol is created with two ingredients: sugar and bacteria or yeast. When sugar is introduced to yeast, the yeast breaks down the sugar and the result is ethanol, also known as alcohol. This means all active yeast can make alcohol.

But deactivated yeastlike brewers yeast or nutritional yeastis essentially a dead organism. It is no longer capable of producing alcohol.

Since the bakers yeast in baked goods is active, it does produce alcohol. But items like bread, buns, and biscuits are far too low in ethanol to ever make you tipsy, which is why children, pregnant women, alcoholics, and those who abstain for religious reasons can carb-load without fear.

Is Brewers Yeast Good For Nursing Mothers

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Brewers yeast is also sometimes used because of its health benefits because it is high in protein and B vitamins.

It may be a good choice for nursing mothers looking to increase lactation and milk production because it is a good source of nutrients like iron and selenium.

However, more research is needed to confirm whether its safe and effective for nursing mothers.

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Where To Find Brewers Yeast

If youre looking for authentic live brewers yeast, then you may not be able to find it in most regular grocery stores. And, if the store does stock brewers yeast, it is most probably dead, dehydrated yeast, which is mainly used as a health supplement and cannot be used for brewing or baking.

You can find the yeast in the supplements/vitamins section, health foods, organic foods or natural foods aisle. Some stores may also stock the yeast next to health supplements. You are most likely to find live brewers yeast in stores selling brewer supplies.

What Are The Risks Of Brewers Yeast

Consult with your healthcare provider before taking any supplements such as brewers yeast. No specific preparation is necessary to take brewers yeast. The powdered form can be taken alone or added to food or beverages.

Your doctor may recommend that you initially take smaller doses of brewers yeast in order to check for possible side effects.

Brewers yeast can interact with certain medications. Talk to your doctor before taking brewers yeast if you use:

  • monoamine oxidase inhibitors : These include tranylcypromine, selegiline, and isocarboxazid. This type of medication is used for treating depression. The large amount of tyramine in brewers yeast can cause a hypertensive crisis when mixed with MAOIs. This reaction is an immediate and dangerous increase in blood pressure, which can cause a heart attack or stroke.
  • meperidine: This is a narcotic pain medication. A hypertensive crisis can occur when brewers yeast interacts with this narcotic.
  • diabetes medications: Brewers yeast may lower blood sugar levels. Taking it in combination with diabetes medications can place you at higher risk for lower than optimum blood sugar .

Consult your healthcare provider before taking brewers yeast if youre pregnant or breastfeeding. Use caution if you have a central venous catheter, or any of the following conditions:

  • yeast allergies
  • weakened immune system

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Easier To Clean And Use

Everyone loves a good product that will last longer without breaking or needing maintenance to keep it running smoothly! We all have busy lives, so its best to buy something that will save you time on daily tasks instead of wasting hours weekly.

This best brewers yeast is easy to maintain because of its simple design, making it very easy to clean! You can wash your best item in about 10 seconds or less! And best of all, if you do run into any trouble with your product, you can take advantage of the products warranty and get it replaced for free.

Where Is Brewers Yeast In The Grocery Store


Are you trying to find brewers yeast in the grocery store? This active yeast used by brewers all around the world can be extremely difficult to find.

Thats why weve written this quick guide to let you know where you can find brewers yeast. On top of that, well share with you which stores carry it, and what you can use it for.

Lets take a closer look

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