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How To Treat Yeast Infection Cuts

How Is A Yeast Infection Treated

How To Know If You Have Yeast Infection

Treatment will depend on your symptoms, age, and general health. It will also depend on how severe the condition is.

Yeast infections can sometimes be treated with anti-yeast creams. Here are some treatments you may be prescribed, depending on where the infection is:

  • These can be treated with creams or medicated suppositories. Sometimes anti-yeast medicine taken by mouth is used.
  • Yeast infection in the mouth . This may be treated with a medicated mouthwash or with lozenges that dissolve in the mouth.
  • Severe infection or a weak immune system. You may need to take an oral anti-yeast medicine.
  • Yeast infection in the food pipe . These are often treated with anti-yeast medicines taken by mouth or given by IV.
  • Yeast infection of the nails. These are treated with an oral anti-yeast medicine.
  • Yeast infection in the skin folds. These can be treated with anti-yeast powders, lotions, or creams.

Save Your Money And Don’t Get Any Of Those Vaginal Ph Test Kits

When you’re trying to solve a problem in your pants FAST, it can be tempting to grab one of those expensive kits that promises to tell you whether you have a yeast infection or not, but if you have any doubts as to whether you have one, call a doc.

“The OTC test strips are only testing for the vaginal pH, which is not definitive for saying if it is a yeast infection or something else. It is only testing whether or not the pH is off,” explains Dr. Brandye. Your vaginal pH could be changed due to a variety of other factors such as your menstrual cycle , recent sexual intercourse, recently having taken antibiotics, or multiple infections .

Why Do I Keep Getting Thrush

Its estimated that around 20% of women are prone to yeast infections . It is not yet clear as to why some women experience recurrent Thrush, however, some theories are:

  • It is very important to complete your full course of medication. Failing to do so can keep making the thrush come back again.
  • Up to 2 out 10 women can face a different strain of the Candida fungus also known as Candida glabrata which is resistant to treatment.
  • Other medical conditions can also lead to thrush coming back. for example, If you have diabetes and dont get it under control, you might keep getting thrush.

Yet despite these possible reasons, for half of the women who get recurrent thrush, theres no apparent reason why.

If you continue to have problems, go and visit your GP or sexual health clinic to get support and advice. They may prescribe a treatment that you take for longer, or look for other things that might be causing your symptoms.

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What Increases My Risk For A Wound Infection

Anything that decreases your body’s ability to heal wounds may put you at risk for a wound infection. This includes any of the following:

  • Age older than 65
  • Medical conditions that weaken the immune system such as diabetes, HIV, or cancer
  • Medicines that cause a weak immune system such as steroids
  • Radiation, chemotherapy, or poor nutrition
  • Foreign objects in the wound such as glass or metal

What Causes Yeast Infections

How to Get Rid of Yeast Infection Naturally
  • normal changes in hormone levels

  • antibiotics, cortisone, and other drugs

  • a weak immune system

  • a natural reaction to another person’s genital chemistry

Yeast infections arent an STD. They arent contagious, and cant spread to another person during sex. But sexual contact sometimes leads to yeast infections your body chemistry can have a bad reaction to another persons natural genital yeast and bacteria, which causes yeast to grow.

People can also get a yeast infection on their mouth, throat, or tongue thats called “thrush.”

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What Exams Or Tests Do Doctors Use To Diagnose A Yeast Infection Skin Rash

For healthy people, most physicians can diagnose a candidal infection without laboratory tests. Occasionally, if the infection will not go away or if it involves the entire body, more extensive tests may be performed.

  • One way to diagnose a vaginal yeast infection is with a full gynecologic exam.
  • Over-the-counter pH testing kits are available to help women differentiate common bacterial infections. However, people may still need to visit their doctor to confirm the cause of symptoms and to obtain the appropriate treatment.
  • In healthy children and adults, a quick exam in the mouth or of the skin usually confirms the diagnosis of candidiasis. If confusion exists about the diagnosis, the doctor may obtain a small scraping of the area, which is placed on a slide with potassium hydroxide and examined for a branching pattern consistent with yeast. Sometimes a doctor removes skin flakes with a scalpel and puts the flakes onto a slide with a drop of potassium hydroxide and looks for the pseudohyphae that may confirm the microscopic appearance of the Candida fungus.
  • Yeast Infection Home Remedies: What Are Your Options

    Youre not alone. Vaginal yeast infections are a widespread womens health issue. After bacterial infections , they are the most common vaginal infection in the United States. Nearly 1.4 million American women seek medical advice for a yeast infection every year.

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    But How Do I Know If I Have A Vaginal Cut

    Unless itâs a severe laceration, one might not realize the injury. And thereâs a huge possibility that you might suffer from a vaginal cut and wouldnât really realize or might confuse it with infection or any other discomfort but a Vaginal cut.

    Now, one way to self-examine vaginal cuts is to-

  • Take Pictures of your vaginal area and check for tears or fissures.
  • In the case of micro-cuts, they might not be visible to the naked eye, in such cases look for the symptoms. Here are some symptoms of vaginal cut or ways you can self-exam vaginal cuts:

  • Pain or discomfort inside of the vaginal opening.
  • Burning or stinging sensation during urination or while coming with the contact of water.
  • Menstruators might feel discomfort while inserting tampons, menstrual cups, or even while using sanitary pads.
  • Itching or tearing sensation, especially while wearing tight underwear or pants.
  • What Are Possible Complications

    ORAL THRUSH – Candidiasis or yeast infection. Angular cheilitis ©

    If an infected cut is not treated promptly, the infection will begin to spread into the deeper tissues under the skin. This is called cellulitis. The infection can travel through your blood to other parts of your body. Once the infection spreads, you will begin to feel generally unwell and develop a fever.

    Cellulitis can develop into a severe infection called . Its also possible that an infected cut will never heal properly. It can lead to skin infections such as impetigo, and it can also become an abscess.

    In extremely rare cases, an untreated infected cut can develop into necrotising fasciitis. This is more commonly known as the flesh-eating disease. It leaves large areas of the skin damaged and painful.

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    Vaginal Thrush And Sex

    You can still have sex when you have vaginal thrush. However, it can be uncomfortable and you may experience a burning sensation during or after sex. Use plenty of lubricant to protect your skin.

    Thrush is not an STI, but male partners can sometimes get redness and irritation after sex.

    The treatment for thrush can weaken condoms, so apply the treatments after you have had sex if you are using condoms.

    What Are The Symptoms Of A Vaginal Yeast Infection

    There are several tell-tale signs of a vaginal yeast infection. These symptoms can include:

    • A thick, white vaginal discharge with the consistency of cottage cheese.
    • Small cuts or tiny cracks in the skin of your vulva because of fragile skin in the area.
    • A burning feeling when you pee.

    In some cases, another symptom of a vaginal yeast infection can be pain during sex.

    Symptoms of a yeast infection are similar to the symptoms people feel when they have a sexually transmitted infection or other vaginal infection. Contact your healthcare provider if you have any of these symptoms so they can examine you.

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    Treating Yeast Infection Sores

    General treatment of yeast infections should treat sores caused by a yeast infection. If your yeast sores are itchy, you can apply an anti-itch cream such as hydrocortisone.

    The anti-itch cream should be used in combination with an antifungal cream or natural remedy, as the anti-itch cream wont cure a yeast infection alone. The hydrocortisone should only be used until symptoms are controlled and no longer than

    Remedies And Treatments For Yeast Infections

    Staph Infection MRSA Superbug Athletes Foot Jock Itch Yeast Cuts Burns ...

    The most effective treatment for yeast infections is a dedicated course of antifungal medication. However, you can also try several home remedies if you are waiting to see a doctor for a diagnosis and prescription. Here are six treatments for yeast infections.

    Take Probiotics

    Many yeast infections occur when your immune system is busy or damaged. Itâs common to experience yeast infections while on antibiotics because your bodyâs normal bacteria die off.

    Eat Yogurt

    Yogurt is another healthy source of probiotics. Just make sure that you eat the yogurt. It doesnât offer any benefits when applied topically, and the sugar thatâs present in all yogurt may cause other infections as well.

    Apply Saltwater Rinses

    Yeast infections can sometimes be reduced and soothed by rinsing the area gently with saltwater. Mix a half teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water. For oral thrush, you can gently swish the mixture around in your mouth. For other areas of your body, you can soak the infected area for several minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

    Apply Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil seems to act as an antifungal agent both in the lab and in people.

    You can gently apply a thin layer of coconut oil to the site of the yeast infection. This may help kill off some of the yeast and may soothe irritated, dry, uncomfortable skin, allowing it to heal.

    Use Tea Tree Oil

    Take Antifungal Medications

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    How To Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection

    If youre a woman, youve got a pretty good chance of experiencing a yeast infection at some point in your lifetime. Vaginal yeast infection, or candidiasis, is a very common condition and can cause skin rashes, itchiness and irritation, and strange-looking discharges. It can be an embarrassing and uncomfortable condition to have, but luckily, its very treatable and typically goes away in just a few days with medications. Knowing the symptoms and what to look for are important to be able to diagnose and treat them quickly. Below are answers to some common questions about yeast infections.

    What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of A Skin Yeast Infection

    Signs and symptoms will depend on the type of yeast causing the infection, and where the infection is located.

    • Red, scaly skin
    • Changes in skin color, especially a beefy red color
    • Itching, dry skin
    • Painful, cracking skin at the corners of your mouth
    • Thick, discolored, chipping nails
    • Skin lesions that may be red or purple and round

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    How To Treat An Infected Cut At Home

    If youve only just begun to notice that your cut is looking a little red around the edges, you may be able to treat it at home.

    Make sure youve washed your wound with soap and water, removing any visible debris. Antiseptic solutions such as hydrogen peroxide may be used the first day, but not more than once. After the wound has been cleaned, dry it and keep it covered with antibiotic ointment, such as Neosporin, and a bandage until new skin has developed over the wound.

    If the redness continues to spread or the cut begins to ooze pus, seek medical attention.

    Dont try to treat signs of infection in a large cut at home. Instead, see your doctor immediately for treatment.

    The doctor will also clean your cut and apply an appropriate dressing. They may use a topical numbing agent before cleaning it to reduce pain.

    When To Contact A Medical Professional

    How To: Get Rid Of Yeast Infections & BV For Good | At Home|

    Keep your genital area clean and dry when you have vaginitis.

    • Avoid soap. Just rinse with water to clean yourself.
    • Soak in a warm, not hot, bath to help your symptoms. Dry thoroughly afterward.

    Other tips are:

    • Avoid using hygiene sprays, fragrances, or powders in the genital area.
    • Use pads instead of tampons while you have an infection.
    • If you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar level in good control.

    Allow more air to reach your genital area. You can do this by:

    • Wearing loose-fitting clothes and not wearing panty hose.
    • Wearing cotton underwear or underwear that has a cotton lining in the crotch. Cotton allows normal evaporation of moisture so that moisture buildup is reduced.
    • Not wearing underwear at night when you sleep.

    Girls and women should also:

    • Know how to properly clean their genital area while bathing or showering.
    • Wipe properly after using the toilet. Always wipe from front to back.
    • Wash thoroughly before and after using the toilet.

    Always practice safe sex. Use condoms to avoid catching or spreading infections.

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    What Do Yeast Infection Sores Look Like

    Blisters and sores are both possible symptoms of a yeast infection. A sore is defined as a raw or painful spot. A blister is defined as small bubble of skin thats filled with either fluid or air. You can determine which you have by examining the area closely.

    Yeast infection sores can look extremely similar to sores from other conditions such as herpes. A yeast infection sore is usually accompanied by a rash and redness of your skin. These sores may appear anywhere.

    If the sores are only located in the genital area, you should consult a doctor to check if you may have a sexually transmitted infection .

    You May Want To Wait To Have Sex Until Your Symptoms Clear

    You’re probably wondering how long to wait for sex after a yeast infection treatment. But honestly, if you actually have one, you may not want to do anything because of the dry, irritating feeling. “You can also spread yeast between partners, as it typically grows on moist surfaces,” says Dr. Shirazian. Once you feel the treatment start to kick in, that should be your green light for any kind of sexual activity. “You can be active when you no longer feel irritated and youre not noticing the thick signature discharge,” Dr. Shirazian adds.

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    When To See A Healthcare Provider

    If irrigating and covering your cut doesn’t stop the early stages of infection, you’ll have to see a healthcare provider for further treatment. If your cut is deep, it’s important to do this as soon as possible, said Dr. Edwards, because stitches typically can’t be used when a cut is more than 12 hours old. He also noted that sometimes shallow cuts in certain jointed locationslike elbows or knucklescan be sutured to avoid the constant re-opening that may happen with frequent use.

    Even if stitches aren’t required, according to The Netherlands Journal of Medicine review, a healthcare provider may need to debride your cut and prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection. A variety of antibiotics are used to treat infected cuts it depends on the source of the wound and how deep the infection is.

    “Human or animal bites require one type of antibiotic while we use another type for normal scrapes and cuts,” said Dr. Edwards. “Superficial infections can be treated with oral antibiotics but deeper infections…may require inpatient IV antibiotics and maybe even surgical drainage.”

    Even if your cut was initially small, don’t dismiss signs of infection or assume it will simply go away on its own even tiny cuts can be a window of opportunity for pathogens, some of which can lead to serious illnesses and require immediate medical attention.

    According to the CDC, some common complications of infected cuts include:

    Wash Using The Gentlest Fragrance

    Horse, Dog, Cat Wound and Infection Care

    Technically, all you really need to clean the genitals is warm water, says Dr. Brandye, but a gentle bar soap could also work. Dr. Brandye prefers bar soap over liquid, as bar soaps tend to have less additional ingredients that could cause potential irritation compared to liquid soaps.

    Dr. Brandye likes the Dove Beauty Bar for Sensitive Skin for this. And while it’s technically not a “soap”, Dr. Brandye says it doesn’t matter as the Dove bar is a mild cleanser and moisturizer, which can help maintain skin integrity.

    For her patients with recurring infections of either yeast or BV, Dr. Brandye recommends RepHresh Pro B, which is a probiotic specifically meant for maintaining a healthy vaginal pH . “It is a tablet that you take by mouth every day, and used along with good perineal hygiene habits, works really well,” she says. Just remember, you still gotta treat the yeast infection, but the probiotic is a good extra step in case you want to prevent recurring future ones.

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